Hello Everyone,

After watching Publishing to OVI webinar, reading this forum and submitting my application today I have a very big concern.

Basically billing scheme used by OVI is very poorly designed.
When you submit your application you have choice
DRM Yes / NO

That means that content is delivered to customer via Forward Lock OMA DRM.
There are no unlock codes, no http posts to developer server with at least IMEI information of the handset, nothing.

I would stress that Forward Lock is very easy to crack.
I googled it today and within 1 hour I was able to crack my own application which I converted to OMA DRM with Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit beforehand.

It's just a matter of days (well may be weeks) before our applications can be found on the internet for free.
Think about it - it's not only we, developers who would loose money, but Nokia as well.

Nokia team, please look at other application stores, they actually have some good ideas that you should consider for OVI
1) http posts to developer server for every transaction
2) Subscriptions
3) Unlock code generation based off IMEI
4) Different price points for different countries
5) Promotional price

I just hope that someone from Nokia team read this posts.

Best regards