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    MMS API and Start Java Application


    I'm a newbie on programming nokia telephones and have 2 questions:

    1) I've found a "Nokia MMS Java Library". Can I use this library to send MMS messages through a java program with the nokia 3650???

    2)I want for my java application an icon in the main menu?? Is this possible, or i it possible to write a c++ program,. which starts the java programm??

    Thanx a lot

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    RE: MMS API and Start Java Application

    Hello Christian,

    1) Nokia MMS Java Library is meant for development of server applications which send application-generated MMS messages to MMSC server and onwards to the phone.

    2) You can create a PNG image and attach the file as an icon to a MIDlet Suite. AFAIK, you can't launch a Java MIDlet from a C++ application.



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