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    manual compilation

    What is the correct way to manualy compile a MIDlet?

    I currently do:
    javac -bootclasspath myPathToMIDPapi/midpapi.zip -d apps/myProject/classes -classpath apps/myProject/classes -sourcepath apps/myProject/src apps/myProject/src/myProject.java

    but the class files I then get only works in the emulator (making a .jar of them and sending them to a nokia 7650 doesn't work (the phone wont run the program) (a .jar made of the classes compiled from the IDE works fine on the phone) )

    I've tried this with javac 1.4.1 and javac 1.3.1 both on linux and on windows.

    I realy need to compile it by 'myself' (can't use the IDE in this case)

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    RE: manual compilation

    I'm using JDK1.3.0 here to manually compile and that works fine on all phones. Are you remembering to preverify your classes after you've compiled them? That might be the problem - there's usually a preverifier (preverify.exe, usually) hidden in any SDK you download...

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