I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out.
I am trying to create a theme for my Nokia 5800XM using Carbide 3.4.
I have 3 problems.

1. On the home screen how do I change the appearance dialler and contacts buttons? These don't show on carbide so once i've made my theme and transferred it to the phone those buttons stay grey and I have 2 ugly grey buttons on my nice black background. I want to make them black to match my theme.

2. I have changed the dialler keys and calculator keys to black to match my theme. On carbide they appear black how they should. Once I transfer the theme to my phone they are still the default grey on the phone.

3. I have managed to remove the grey bars from the top and bottom of the screen however in some applications the grey bar mysteriously appears at the top e.g. on music player. How do I get rid of this?

I have spent literally hours tearing my hair out trying to sort these problems out with no luck.

Pleasseeee could somebody help me out?!