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    Wallpapers and Screensaver - Is a definitive answer available?

    There seems to be confusion about whether OVI will support wallpapers and sceensavers.

    The answer in the Publishing FlashLite to Ovi thread was:

    Originally Posted by mobileperry
    "Flash content that will be supported are only applications, meaning SWF files that are packaged as either as a SIS or NFL and are opened using the standalone player on supported devices.

    Flash content (SWF files) that can be used for screensavers and wallpapers will not be supported in Ovi Store.

    So to answer your question, if your Flash content is a SWF file that's a screensaver or wallpaper then you won't be able to submit it. If it's an application and it's packaged then it can be submitted."

    I was doing some further searching on the topic and have found sources stating that wallpapers will be accepted, one of which is quoted below:

    "What is the Ovi Store?
    The Ovi Store, as you might expect, is an App Store. It’s also a content store, offering personalization options like ringtones, wallpapers, and themes. It’s also an audio & video store, offering downloadable content."

    Source: http://nokiaexperts.com/ovi-store-mo...orld-congress/

    My plan is simple - I would like to sell screensavers and wallpapers which would help support development of more practical apps (as well as allow me to express/explore visual creativity). I think these little things certainly have a role to play in the future of devices - allowing users to express themselves and their character. I hope I produce quality artisitc screensavers and wallpapers - not just a picture of Bob Marley with a spliff or a naked girl in front of a car.

    I am now just plain confused. I hope I can submit flash screensaver and wallpapers in some way. Can we clarify this?

    Best, Charlie

    Lecturer - University of Teesside
    I also work as a freelance creative producer. In this respect I am looking at Nokia and Flashlite as an area of massive potential for beauty and function. Help me get involved Nokia - support wallpapers and screensavers in Ovi!
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