The Ovi Presentation slide #11 shows the price points for countries.

Where will you position your product. Market forces of supply and demand determine sales.

Many people have posted about security, cost of registration., VAT ID etc.

Why has nobody posted on possibly the most important decision of all?. The price

This will determine the number of sales and ultimately the profit for your company.

Where are our price points?.

How have you determined your price of app?. Have you set a high amount, wtih the hope of lowering the price if sales dont meet expectations.

What do posters this is the good price for different applications?.

How are you going to approach the problem of competitive applications that are price lower?.

There is an interesting situation developing where companies who have products on handango.com will you be matching the price on that site or selling for a different price.

Does anyone think with so many products able to compete on an open sales area that suppliers will forced to cut prices if they do not have the same or better market share.

IMHO the cheaper the price of an application the less chance of anyone wanting to hack you app.

What do you think of the demo/trial version to tempt buyers?.

Well we would all like to know your postions.

Good Luck