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    AAC failure using CMMFDevSound on E71 device


    My application uses the CMMFDevSound class to play back AAC audio. The code works well on the N95 device, but fails the InitializeL call on the E71 with a KErrNotFound (-1) error:

    TRAPD(err, iDevSound->InitializeL(*this, KMMFFourCCCodeAAC, EMMFStatePlaying));

    The InitializeComplete callback in the MDevSoundObserver instance is not called either.

    The failure is a little odd, because the GetSupportedInputDataTypesL and "Find" call succeeds on the E71:

    priority.iPriority = 100;
    priority.iPref = EMdaPriorityPreferenceTimeAndQuality;
    priority.iState = EMMFStatePlaying;
    TRAPD(err, iDevSound->GetSupportedInputDataTypesL(types, priority));
    TRAPD(err2, types.Find(KMMFFourCCCodeAAC));

    I know the E71 has an on-board AAC decoder. Is there a different initialization sequence required for this device?


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    Re: AAC failure using CMMFDevSound on E71 device

    it seems that you need use CMMFCodec decode aac audio.
    search wiki or dibo find more.
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    Re: AAC failure using CMMFDevSound on E71 device

    qxiaoyuan -

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have looked through the CMMFCodec interface and understand how it works. But I wanted to double check that there really isn't a way to support AAC audio playback on the E71 using the CMMFDevSound approach. Using CMMFDevSound works great for MP3 on both the N95 and E71, so it seems a little odd that AAC doesn't work on the E71 but works fine on the N95...

    - Brian

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    Re: AAC failure using CMMFDevSound on E71 device

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