Last evening I read Lifehacker interview of Steve Wozniak. He said "I do have a Nixie Tube watch"... Uh, sorry? Was that Nokia 5800, which was codenamed "Tube"? As a watch?

After some googling I discovered an amazing analog watch, in the wrist of Steve Wozniak. I wanted one immediately, but couldn't have. So the next evening I did the second best thing: wrote a Nixie Tube look-a-like application. Hope you like it, too!

Released as ready-to-install SIS as well as source code.

Main Features

* Shows current time (it's a watch)
* Portrait screen with 3 rows of two nixie tubes: top row hours, middle row minutes, bottom row seconds.
* Screensaver is disabled while app is visible

Version History

Version 1.00, 2009-04-24

* First release
* Tested with N82 and PyS60 1.4.5.

Credits and Licensing

Graphics by "Hellbus": with following licensing:

"This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License. In short: you are free to share and make derivative works of the file under the conditions that you appropriately attribute it, and that you distribute it only under a license identical to this one."