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    Question detecting if bluetooth is enabled (Series 40)


    as I am currently developing a J2ME midlet using bluetooth running on Series 40 platform cell phones like the Nokia 6600 fold, I'd like to know how to detect if bluetooth is active/enabled.

    Or is it even possible to enable and disable bluetooth from inside a J2ME midlet?

    I want my midlet to only use bluetooth if it was enabled before and to remind the user to switch off bluetooth afterwards to save energy.

    Currently, if bluetooth isn't enabled, any bluetooth action leads to a user dialog asking the user if he/she wants to enable bluetooth. I'd like to know before that dialog, if bluetooth is enabled and I'd like to know afterwards to be able to remind the user to switch it off again.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dirk Spöri

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    Re: detecting if bluetooth is enabled (Series 40)

    No, you can't switch on/off bluetooth using your J2ME midlet.
    If you want to check if it is enabled just initialize your bluetooth connection, if bluetooth exception is thrown, then bluetooth on your phone is probably disabled.

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    boolean on = javax.bluetooth.LocalDevice.isPowerOn(); // since JSR-82 version 1.1

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