Hello Developers,

I'm very unsure weather there is a BNEP implementation available for Symbian OS to enable Bluetooth PAN or not. In the paper \"What’s new for C++ developers in Symbian OS v8.1?\" there is a hint that BNEP is supported by Symbian OS upwards form v8.1. Postings in different discussion board let me come to the conclusion that this is wrong. From the Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook I got the information the Bluetooth PAN is an optional component plug-in. So my 1st question is:

Q1: Can I install the Bluetooth component plug-in?

Nevertheless I started my own development. Currently my BNEP implementation is embeded in a console application. And works fine with BlueZ as remote. Now I want to develop a bnep.prt file so that the protocol is accessable by the socket API. Therefor I need help. I found in the section "\Using Socket Server Protocols"\ some information about writing a protocol modul. At least I don't fell very comfortable with these hints. So my 2nd question is:

Q2: Is there any further documentation available about developing protocol moduls?

My last point is, I like to setup a access point so that the PAN connection is systemwide available. Obviously for that I have to cope with Network Interface Manager and is seems to be necessary write an interface agent (agt file) for the CommDB entry and maybe a network interface plug-in (nif file). So my 3rd Question is about these tow files:

Q3: Is there a suiteable agt and nif file available for my purepos? Weather not where can i get some documention about these files?
Thaks for all replies
Kind Regards rico82