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    Unhappy ovi store signing/ uploading

    my head is exploding with this whole process of signing and uploading. really. i'm on the verge here to give up.


    this publisher id, which i have and is now miraculously installed in my browser is now being requested by the http://www.swfpack.com/fn/index.php to be uploaded. the cer and key. however, when i bought and went through the liscense situation, it installed it in my browser and did not give me any downloading option. now how do i deal with this? how do i get the cer and key to my desktop to upload it?


    in the ovi store

    1. why is there no SAVE button? how do i know if i'm halfway though the process, and i log out, that all the two hours of work (i mean that is really rediculous a 2 hour process to upload a file dont you think? i mean i get paid a lot of money per hour and to take two hours to publish means that i have to sell another XXX number of apps to break even for the two hours spent uploading--lets calculate here) will be saved so i can go back to it and input other translations that i am waiting on? do you allow people to split up the work so that they can gather all the info piece by piece and input it when you have it?

    2. screenshots. i mean really, is there no image screenshot explaining where the DESKTOP ICON and all these million of icon options will be seen? Its kind of crazy to expect that some little text in the sidebar will really EXPLAIN the position and what that ADDITIONAL ICON or screenshot will do for you to improve visibility and sales? maybe a photo somewhere in the documentation? can someone link me to that? i checked the publisher id and it's all just text. there's no photos describing these terms in a graphical way. for example: secondary promotional image? where is that? Tertiary level 2 promotional image: where is that displayed? where is the LARGE DESKTOP SPOTLIGHT BANNER displayed?

    3. language...do you know that GERMAN LANGUAGE has more letters per word than an English word, and yet you remain with the same 50 character description? kinda difficult to put ANINA BACKSTAGE MODELLING NEWS into 50 characters in German. is there a reason for this? did you consider that other languages have more characters for one word? why is this rule like this?

    4. Q. What type of DRM is supported by Ovi Store?
    Ovi Store supports OMA 1.0 DRM Forward Lock for all applications and media types except for WRT widgets.
    why are wrt not lockable? does that mean that a user can forward my wrt?

    5. Yes. Once your original publisher profile is verified and agreements are in place, new users can be added for that publisher. A role is assigned to each user when creating an account. When a publisher registers for the first time the first user created is assigned a manager role. Only manager’s can create additional roles.

    can you define "user"

    does that mean if i have client x that i can create a sub channel for their content?

    or do you mean it like i can have my assistant have her own login id and be a user?

    what does "user" mean?

    6. Example Calculation
    Purchase Price: 5€
    Tax Deduction: 5€ - 10% tax = 4,50€
    Publisher Revenue: 4,50€ x 70% = 3,15€*

    in the ovi publishing i can only select "free" and then "1 euro" with an asterisk next to it saying that the final price will be calcuated by nokia. what does that mean? does that mean that the purchase price is 1 euro or that nokia is going to add on top of the 1 euro something?

    7. Example Calculation
    Purchase Price: 5€
    Tax Deduction: 5€ - 10% tax = 4,50€
    Operator Billing Deduction: 4,50€ - 40% = 2,70€
    Publisher Revenue: 2,70€ x 70% = 1,89€*

    can i opt out operator billing payment? no desire to share rev with them on this at this point.

    ok those are my questions.

    the urgent answers are for the publisher id certificate how to get the cer and key to my desktop?

    thank you for help.

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    The answer of how to use an Symbian signed Certificate key not the opened signed developer in the packager in is the webinar. When started drag the time marker at the bottom to seek to 19' 56 seconds or 20 minutes.

    Firstly let me say what an exciting use of technology your game is ANINA DRESS UP MOBILE GAME FOR GIRLS

    There is a Wiki article Step by Step instructions to Express signing

    There is lots of useful information on Flash packager in webinarPackaging, DRM, and Distributing Flash Lite Content 2009-3-18

    There is an eseminar on Ovi using the publisher opportunity for Flash developers

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