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    The SyncML client for Nokia7650 could not send out delete command??

    I'm a software developer. While develop a syncML server, I find that the SyncML Client for Nokia7650 cannot send out delete command. So a user delete a contact/calendar A, then sync with a SyncML server, would not delete the same entry A in server.
    I don't know what happened and why. Is there a last update client for Nokia 7650 and where can I find it? Either it is a bug or is my mistake in operation?
    Can anyone tell me?

    Thanks & Best regards.

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    Here's the latest Remote Sync for N7650


    I am working on a SyncML Server, too.
    and encounter the same problem as yours, could anybody help me out, please and thank you.

    why not 7650 send the delete command?
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