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    Red face Application to join declined - Reply to "Thanks for signing up to publish on Ovi!"

    Finally seem to have had an answer, after pushing. This seems more informative and w

    I quoting only parts which are relevant

    Thank you for submitting your company's membership application for Developer Program. We are unable to approve your application for the following reasons:

    The information provided in the application is not sufficient to make an informed decision regarding the experiences and competencies of the company, and how the company will be able to leverage the resources provided efficiently and to their own benefit. The company is encouraged to modify their application to include additional information that could be used to objectively evaluate the fit between the company and Developer Programs.

    registration should be done using the official company email address. Please resubmit your application using one and we will then review it again.

    If and when the conditions that resulted in the declining of your company's application to join are resolved, your company is encouraged to re-apply for membership.
    Then another bit
    I would like to thank you for your interest towards our developer program. Unfortunately we needed to decline your application because the email address you used in the registration is not the official company email address. The requirement of the official company email address to be used is based on security reasons as the use of gmail, hotmail or equivalent prevents us from validating the identity of your company.
    Individual developers need to read this carefully because this sums things up. This is NOT about VAT ID, Entry Fees, Signing Fees etc.

    This is about my application being carefully being evalulated by others to see whether were marketable and worth Nokia paying the costs.

    Personally for me this is a form of closure, some what embarrassing.
    Therefore I have to urge others improve others and modify there products and take note of the above

    This is much more informative than the first email.
    Subject "Thank you for you interest" you application is being evaluated.

    IMHO the effort to find an answer was worth the effort and publishing the answer will give an idea to others on the "Thanks for signing up to publish on Ovi!" from Ovi by Nokia [publishtoovi.support@ovi.com]
    sign up.

    In answer to the inevitable question. "Have you an email address to contact ovi". No, this was using another way, not direct contact with Ovi hence only part of the email.

    I seem to remember a thread about "U.S. Export compliance" and this is one of the methods used to verify companies.

    Good Luck to those of you are up and running.

    Jim Gilmour
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