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    Re: External reader plugin for NFC reader (ACR122)

    Hi r2j7,

    Thanks for the references. I found that the website of ACS contains a lot of generic information but not a whole lot of specifics on the SDK's.

    I resolved the earlier posted question be recreating the jar file. Again many thanks for the plugin!

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    Re: External reader plugin for NFC reader (ACR122)

    I need sample class for vb or C # for the reader or your applets using this reader so I made a Windows application that uses this hardware.
    I have Touchatag reader and we are missing sample classes provided by the manufacturer ACR 122S.
    Please help ...
    Thank in advance.

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    Re: External reader plugin for NFC reader (ACR122)

    The download link above doesn't work any more since my DNS name has been changed. Here is the new download link for the ACR122ReaderPlugin:

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