Nokia signed scriptshell sis files are uploaded to maemo.garage

These PythonScriptShell packages are available with the user-grantable capability set.
The capability set for PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_3rdEd.sis is ReadUserData WriteUserData NetworkServices LocalServices UserEnvironment.
The capability set for PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_5thEd.sis is ReadUserData WriteUserData NetworkServices LocalServices UserEnvironment Location.

PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_5thEd.sis can also be installed on the S603rdEd and S603rdFP1 devices, if Location capability is needed.

For now these 2 scriptshells cannot coexist on the device even though the UIDs are different. The fix for it will be available in the upcoming releases.
The UID of PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_3rdEd is changed to 0x20022EED.
The UID of PythonScriptShell_1.9.4_5thEd is changed to 0x20022EEC.