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    Contacts imports memory consumption problem.

    Hi to All,
    I am senthil and i am very new to forum.
    I developing application for contacts import and export.
    Application will read the contacts and write into the file created in external drive(memory card). The same way when i say import,application will read contacts from file and will write into the contacts database.before importing application will erase old contacts from contacts database.
    I am using "ImportContactsL", "ExportSelectedContactsL",DeleteContactL" of CContactDatabase to uptain above mentioned.

    There is no problem at all in import and exporting of contacts,it works very fine. The problem is every import consumes some extra memory. let me say very clearly,
    like size of contacts used memory 14kb before export,it remains same after export. Now i am importing contacts,after successful import, now phone displays 20kb is the used memory for contacts. If i keep do only import ,the phone used memory for contacts also keep increasing like 28,32,50... At one stage phone displayed "memory full,please delete some data" during continous operation import. I throughly checked the imported files it contains only contacts,no other extra bytes. The number of contacts and all it's fields remains same after import and export.

    Actually contactdatabase class tells that contacts will be partially deleted if the contacts access count is not equal to zero. this basically to sync with sync application. But when i delete the contacts from the database, i am checking the access count,it returns zero.

    But still i don't know what is causing this memory consumption. Please help me on this issue.

    The size of contacts used memory before and after export remains same, so there is no problem in export.

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    Re: Contacts imports memory consumption problem.

    If you look at method signature you have
    CArrayPtr<CContactItem>* ImportContactsL(......)
    So everytime you import, an arroy of contact items is created and its ownership passed to you.
    Do you destroy / delete that array?


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    Re: Contacts imports memory consumption problem.

    Hi Thanks,
    The destroying of the objects which are been used for import is done properly.
    After so much round of debugging i found that, if i click options->synchronization->start in the
    phone then immediately contact used memory is got reduced,and it showed as expected.
    That means phone internal pc sync scheduler mechanism is doing something like copying
    of contacts when delete. when the time it synchronize with pc sync application
    by mutual handshake memory is been freed. Now the question is how to tell the phone scheduler
    application don't take any kind of action. If you could not tell to scheduler is it anyother
    way to overcome this issue. please help.


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