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    s60 3rd edition fp2 java threading


    I have some users reporting my j2me app does not start on their fp2 s60 3rd edition phones.

    my app has a rather complex initialization process spawning a few threads upon startApp
    and then uses synchronized objects (o.wait etc) to make sure things are initialized before the main screen loads.
    I've noticed the release notes for java fp2 3rd edition says "we've changed the Thread implementation" blah blah, I was wondering if anyone experienced any compatibility issue due to that change.
    I'm in a real gem here not owning a device with that specific configuration thus I can't really reproduce, but several users have so its not a ghost problem.

    If anyone has any hint or willing to share a similar issue, I would be grateful.
    I can "bitch" forever that "its suppose" to work but the fact of the matter is that its not.. :-(
    thanx in advance,

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    Re: s60 3rd edition fp2 java threading

    You have got it right about the threads. I also have noticed this thing while using threads for reocrding and playing back the sound on FP2 devices, some time ago. But then I left the problem unsolved.
    You can access the Nokia Remote Device Access service to test yourself on an actual device. Or you may share your jar so I can give a look.

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    Re: s60 3rd edition fp2 java threading

    Thanks for the reply and the tips!
    I can't share the jar for obvious IP reasons..wish i could.
    I'm surprised however that there is no more info about the exact problem and resolution in relevant developer's forums, I would assume such a compatibility issue would make more "noise"..
    Does anyone else have more insights into this problem?

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    Re: s60 3rd edition fp2 java threading

    Hi Forum,

    For reference, I was able to reproduce the problem on the relevant sdk emulator. I have not investigated the problem to its fullest, but I managed to "fix" the problem I had by removing a synchronized block in one of the threads in my initialization flow.
    I cannot assert 100% that this is a bug in the fp2 vm but its certainly a break in backward compatibility.
    anyhow, the behavior in fp1 and fp2 is still the same but for me they both now "work".
    I hope to have more time and figure out exactly what the change they've made that causes the scheduling to change.
    one funny thing that happens in fp2 is that once the original implementaion freezes, if you click the multitask button (that bring you to the apps screen), and then you get back to the app, the locks are all cleared and the app unfreeze fine.
    hope this helps someone.

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