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    Help needed: How to initiate data/phone connection in MIDP ?

    Hi, I have a 6100 phone and I am looking for ways to establish a http connection from my MIDP program by first making a call by the MIDP to my Nokia Activ Server installed in my WinXP machine.
    Actually, I don't know if that's a "call" or a GPRS access point that I should code in my MIDP to initiate.
    I also wonder if I can code a MIDP that use AT commands to initiate the call?
    Great thanks if someone can show me some means(best w/ some J2ME sample codes) to do that.

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    RE: Help needed: How to initiate data/phone connection in MIDP ?

    When the MIDP application tries to make an HTTP connection, the user is presented with a list of access points configured on the phone. The list of access points might look like this:

    WAP (CSD)
    WAP (GPRS)
    Internet (GPRS)

    Any one of these can be used. The MIDP application developer DOES NOT code the access points.

    AT commands can't be sent using MIDP. MIDP has no access to local resources.

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