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    Unhappy Problem accessing virtual drive in emulator


    I added a line in my epoc.ini to enable access to a E drive in emulator.

    _EPOC_DRIVE_E \Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2\epoc32\wins\e
    This worked in general since I'm able to browse my directory using the build-in tool in "Tools" > "Memmory Card".
    The emulator also created all these default directorys in there. But in my own App I'm unable to get access to this virtual drive.
    CheckDisk() always returns KErrNotSupported. Without CheckDisk() I get "CommonDialog 7" Panic. The same code works perfectly on my device.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    SDK is S60 2nd Ed. FP2 for Symbian 8.0a

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    Re: Problem accessing virtual drive in emulator

    The name "CommonDialog" does not sound as a piece of code of yours. Although it is not nice, it may still happen that the file selection, etc. dialogs in the emulator do not support the memory card.
    What happens if you simply write
    RFs fs;

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    Re: Problem accessing virtual drive in emulator

    The code you posted works and the directory is created.

    So there is no solution to this?

    I tryed to use the preprocessor to use drive Z when running in Emulator but this does also not work. CheckDisk returns KErrNotSupported and I get a 'Common Dialog 7' Panic when running the file selection dialog.
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