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    how can I build a working StandAlone python-app? I just wanna install one sis-file and dont want some Python-Icons etc. on the phone-menu.


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    Re: Standalone

    Those are for PyS60 upto 1.4.5. For 1.9.0 and later, use the PyS60 Application Packager that comes with PythonForS60_1.9.x_Setup.exe.

    If you have trouble please post back with details (including what edition of S60 you want to do this for). Oh and search the forum, this has been discussed many times before

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    Re: Standalone

    I searched around 30 minutes and don't found some working.
    I wanna use this for S60 5th phones (5800)

    Edit: That ... ensymble don't work again. so it's not so important anymore...
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