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    How can i wait ( and process) to bluetooth message

    Hi ,
    I'm trying to listen to incoming BT massage and get their content in Symbian C++.
    I try with MTM ( to get the last income massage via OBEX ) but i cant access it's content
    (The program is failed , attached relevant code , failed on last line)
    		case EMsvEntriesCreated:
    			//Listening when new message is arrived in inbox
                if (aArg2 &&  *(static_cast<TMsvId*>(aArg2)) == KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId)
                    CMsvEntrySelection* entries = static_cast<CMsvEntrySelection*>(aArg1);
                    if( entries->Count() >= 1 )
                        _LIT(KMessageReceived, "Message received.");
    					CMsvEntry* iMsvEntry = iSession->GetEntryL(entries->At(0));
    					CMsvStore* iMsvStore = iMsvEntry->ReadStoreL();
       // Store the original message text
    				    CParaFormatLayer* pf = CParaFormatLayer::NewL();
    					CleanupStack::PushL( pf );
    					CCharFormatLayer* cf = CCharFormatLayer::NewL();
    					CleanupStack::PushL( cf );
    					CRichText* richText = CRichText::NewL( pf, cf,
    					                                       CEditableText::EFlatStorage );
    Is it the way to access Content of msgs ?

    Regards ,

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    Re: How can i wait ( and process) to bluetooth message

    You should always check the panic code: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ded_panic_code
    There are a number of possible problems with your code:
    - by the time the message entry is created, it is empty. Check any messaging examples, and you will see that they are accessing the new messages after an EMsvEntriesChanged event occurs
    - you should check CMsvStore::HasBodyTextL
    - it is absolutely not sure that BT OBEX messages would have body, so check for attachments as well.

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