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    Nokia 7110 IR problem or... software problem?

    Hi! I`m the "happy" owner of 7110 model and I notice that my phone can`t send vcards or any other type of data through the IR port, but I can receive data. Is my IR port damaged? For instance, I take my phone to the service center, and the guys from there told me that the problem could be fixed by replacing my phone software....Hm, I doubt this can fix the problem, but.... can it be possible? My software version now is 4.88... I read about version 4.94 and it says that "major improuvements" have been made to the IR transmission.

    PS - Sorry for my english....

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    RE: Nokia 7110 IR problem or... software problem?


    Please contact the Club Nokia Careline about the problem.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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