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    Question on support of dll's

    I have a question regarding the support of dll's on symbian OS. We have a copy of
    Series 60 emulator (Nokia 7650) on which we are planning to develop some
    applications using C++. From the documentation we have seen that it is required for
    us to use Visual C++ for developement. My question is that, is this a required criteria
    that we should use VC++ or can we develop the application using normal C++?? Is
    the compiler used belong to VC++. It is possible for us to develop without using

    Another question is that, if it is required that we use only VC++ then are DLL's
    supported? And if so how?

    thanx and regards

    Sanjay Kumar

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    RE: Question on support of dll's


    Currently Nokia supports only Visual C++ IDE and it is required to compile for the emulator. Series 60 SDK as well as 92x0 SDK include GCC compiler, which is used for target device compilations.

    Borland and Metrowerks have also announced to bring Series 60 IDEs to the market. See following links for more information:


    Best Regards,
    Marko / Forum Nokia

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