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    Downloaded ringtones problem in 3510i


    I've downloaded a midi ringtone into my Nokia 3510i. I would like to add this tone for a phonenumber, but i can't do that. This operation is working with the original tones, but it doesn't with the thones, what are in the GALLERY menu. Could somebody tell me, how can i solve my problem?

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    RE: Downloaded ringtones problem in 3510i


    You can set the downloaded Midi tone as a ringing tone of the profile (Menu-Profiles-e.g.General-Personalise-Ringing tone) and then assign the 'Default' tone for specific phonenumber.

    Of course there is the problem that even if you assign different ringing tones to other numbers in your phone book all number which are not existing in your phone book are also played with this downloaded Midi tone.

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    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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