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    problem when displaying a lot of text on text body mode

    Hello , ive made a program in pys60 that allows to search in a database and display the texts from the database , it display the text as text body mode. It works fine but im having a problem , the program works in this way: the user can look for a word on the database and it display it in the app, the thing is when i look for a lot of texts and it display to much text in the body text mode i get memory error, why is that?

    is it not possilbe to display very big texts in an app with text body mode? or maybe is stored on the buffer and i net to clean it, is there is a way of deleting first the buffer before displaying a big text?

    any idea?



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    Re: problem when displaying a lot of text on text body mode

    That's because the default heap size is 1 MB, so you will get a memory leak when using more than that. The solution is creating a .sis file using Ensymble modifying the heapsize option while using py2sis. For more information, check the README file.

    Hope it helps,


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