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    WLAN connection information


    I'm currently working with "RConnectionMonitor" to get some information about a WLAN connection. Amongst others the file "rconnmon.h" provides the following attributes (strings):
    - KAccessPointName
    - KNetworkName
    - KWlanSsid

    Can someone tell me difference between these three attributes (if there is really any...)?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Re: WLAN connection information


    APN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_Point_Name
    WLAN SSID: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/SSID.html
    Network name: Not 100% sure, but in GSM it is something like Orange, O2, etc. so simply the network provider name?


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    Re: WLAN connection information


    Thank's for your answer. The attribute "KNetworkName" shows the name of my WLAN (SSID)... It looks as if "KNetworkName" and "KWlanSsid" are the same (at least in the case of a WLAN connection). The article on http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/SSID.html states: "An SSID is also referred to as a network name because essentially it is a name that identifies a wireless network."

    In fact if you use the 3rd edition MR SDK the attribute "KWlanSsid" cannot be used (only "KNetworkName") as it is obviously not implemented. By using the 5th edition SDK the attribute "KWlanSsid" works. But as a result both attributes return the SSID of a WLAN network...
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