An app we uploaded for the Ovi Store is getting rejected with "Failed Case 1: Expired Certificate" ...

The app is Symbian Signed and the certificate is valid until 2019. There are no certificate issues with our tests -- anyone have any idea why this is happening? Any solutions? Nokia has yet to respond.

This is the QA message:

Comments from the QA team:
Failed Case 1: Expired Certificate
Summary: Application was not properly signed
Requirement: All application and contents being submitted to Nokia must be certified through trusted foundations such as Java Verified or Symbian Signed and must obtain a signed certificate before it is accepted through Publish to Ovi. Steps to conduct the test: 1. Select the application/content to download. 2. Try to install it 3. Observe the error message when the user tries to install: “Expired Certificate” Expected Results: The application should not display any certificate messages. The application must be signed. (public, Moderation in progress -> Qa failed)