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    Application icon problem??

    i'm new to this sis file installation concept
    i have developed an application named 'asset manager' for
    s60 platform(3rd edi). i have created sis file using makesis
    tool and installed it on my s60 3rd edition phone.
    it got installed on my phone properly but i couldn't find
    application icon in phone menu (i mean shortcut for running application)
    am i missing something here?
    do i need to do anything extra to bring up application icon?
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Application icon problem??

    Hmm, did you look into the folder named "Applications" under phone menu?

    By the way which type of application did you create? Was it GUI application or Console based exe? I am afraid that it was Console based exe. Anyways provide some more information so that you will get good help.

    I would really suggest(insist) you to read this Wiki article thoroughly: How do I start programming for Symbian OS?

    All the best.
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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