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    KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress error

    I'm trying to get the local bluetooth address using KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress, but I'm getting only zeros in the TBTDevAddr, and RProperty::Get() returns KErrNone. One of these results is obviously wrong.

    Here's my code:
    TBTDevAddr btaddr;
    TPckgBuf<TBTDevAddr> pckg(btaddr);
    int result = RProperty::Get(KUidSystemCategory, KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress, pckg);
    LOG("result: %i\n", result);
    I've tried it on an E61i and an N73, with the same results. Results are also the same whether or not Bluetooth is turned on.

    I've also tried the RSocket Ioctl KHCILocalAddressIoctl, but that returns KErrNotSupported.

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    Re: KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress error

    Strange, an other thread for today reports that it works: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=166635
    Are you sure about that you get KErrNone on the device?

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    Re: KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetLocalDeviceAddress error

    Yep. Logfile contains "result: 0".

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