I have a J2ME game, that I would like to publish on OVI. However I came to realize that this requires the game to go through Java Verified certification and signing. In this thread I will try to share my experiences with this process. Hopefully this can shed some light on how difficult this is (or isn't).

I won't go into too much detail about the application itself, but here are some short info to understand how it relates to the process:

- It's a RPG game, with several levels. Each level is stored as a binary resource file, i.e. a level only has data, there is no level specific Java code.

- The app is self-contained, i.e. it does not make any connections or similar.

- It uses RMS to store game state. A single RecordStore is used.

- Only MIDP 2.0 on CLDC 1.0 API's are used, no other JSR's or Nokia UI.

- The game is localized in several languages. Language texts are stored in binary resource files along with level data.

If you want to know more see: http://www.wyrmgard.com