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    Unhappy On Device Debugging using USB

    Hoi Folks,

    I'm terribly sorry to bother you with this old problem once more, but I've just spent my 2nd day with getting my debug to work again and am rather frustrated.

    After weeks of happily debugging on device, I had some problems with my WinXP machine that seemed to affect my toolchain. So I reinstalled the Symbian Developer Toolchain and ran into the problem, that I no longer can debug with TRK over USB cable connection. (At day 2) I reinstalled XP with a new harddisk but ran into the same problem:

    Whenever I try to debug my S60 application with Carbide2.0, I get the error message: "Target request failed: TRKProtocolPlugin: Can't connect to TRK (TRK may not be running on the phone or the selected and connected com ports are mismatched)".

    My N82 has the latest firmware (V31.0.016) and runs the latest TRK (3.0.9). I use Carbide 2.0 build 014. Connecting the N82 for the first time to a fresh Windows installation, the N82 grabbed COM3 and COM4. How do I know? The first is shown with Windows' Device Manager and named "Nokia N82 USB", the latter can be viewed with C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd\Epoc32\tools\ecmt\ecmtgw.exe and is shown as USBSER001. Using Carbide's "Debug configurations" dialog I created a "Symbian OS Application TRK" configuration and defined a USB connection that used "TRK 2.x USB" and told it to use COM4 (after some time, it showed the attached names of COM3 and COM4 as well). With Device OS set to S60 3.1.0 I let Carbide test the service... and it responded perfectly by telling me my TRK is up to date.

    Note, whenever I tried to change the COM port here (to COM3 as this is the one which gets the connection name "N82") or change the connection type to "USB" (since I use TRK 3.x instead of 2.x), Carbide wasn't able to tell me the TRK version number. Unfortunately, the hint found in another forum article to disconnect and reconnect the device until it works with a "USB" connection and the port announced by the Device Manager, didn't work for me.

    However, when I tried to use this configuration to start my application, I always got the mentioned error.

    I tried to use other COM ports as well, e.g. COM3, since this was obviously the COM port my machine used to talk to the N82 for some service. Same result. I found some article which had a detailed problem solution for an apparently similar problem. I manually mapped my N82 connection (formerly COM3) to some higher port, COM25, changed my debug configuration to use COM25 as well, ignored the fact that Carbide no longer could tell me the TRK version... and got the same.

    Changing the Connection Type to "USB" for returns "Error: TRK version response was corrupted" if I use COM4 ("USBSER001"), "Error: TCFError: Connection type is supported, but there was an error in connecting. OSError: The device is currently in use" when I use COM25 ("Nokia N82 USB", without any application using the connection, no Explorer session opened, no PC Suite started of idling background) and "Error: TCFError: Connection type is supported, but there was an error in connecting. OSError: Could not open the device" for other ports.

    Trying to use a bluetooth connection failied similarly.

    I'm desperated. Any suggestion?

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    With TRK 3.0.9, you should always use the USB connection. TRK 2.x USB connection type will not work.
    In the future releases, this connection type will be removed to avoid the confusion.

    Disconnect the USB cable and close Carbide.
    Now check in Task manager to make sure that there is no process running with TCFServer.
    If you find any TCFServer.exe running, close.
    Now restart Carbide.

    With USB connection, do the service testing from remote connections view and see if you get the response from the device.

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    hai tinkywinky,
    i am also having same problem but my mobile is N80.Please let me know if u get solution.

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    Is there any one did on-device debugging with N80 , TRK v3.0.9 and carbide.c++ v2.0 or any other mobile with symbian os v3.0.If any one did can u give me detailed procedure and is there any problem.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    I also had trouble working with trk in N96. I solved the problem. You may try the following after connecting the phone to the pc.

    1. go to Device Manager-> Ports(COM & LPT) section
    2. Double click your mobile com port( In my pc it showed Nokia N96 usb(com 6)).
    3. goto port settings tab.
    4. May be bit per second field is set to 9600(in my pc it was set 9600).
    5. Set it to 115200.
    6. Click on the Advanced button and change the port number to another number.

    Then you can check trk is working or not. I hope it helps but I can't guaranty that it will work. Trk 3.0 is so mysterious.

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    Thanks.. it's taken ages to find your post.. but this was my problem.


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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB


    Ya it took ages to find your post. But thanks a ton!!! Solved my problem too!!

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    Re: On Device Debugging using USB

    Could anyone tell me, what can be the issue if debugging is working, but the breakpoints are not getting enabled??

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