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    want to send jar file using SMS

    i want to send a jar file to the mobile phone using sms.
    I found this link at nokia forum but its old.
    I thought ,it may be possible now.
    Is there any way to send a jar file to the mobile device except bluetooth,infrared or internet.

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    Re: want to send jar file using SMS

    There's no built-in support for sending .jar files as SMS.

    You could write an application that encodes the .jar file first as text, and then sends it as individual 140 byte messages (take also into account the overheard for adding checksums, and message counter, etc.).

    Then the receiving phone must also have an application waiting to process all these SMS messages so that it can assemble them back to a single file, decode it back to .jar and launch the installation.

    The size of the .jar file and the encoding/decoding scheme + protoocl overhead will determine how many SMS you need to send (probably hundreds ;-)

    And you most probably won't be able to write the sender or the receiver applications in Java (but must, e.g., restrict yourself to S60/Symbian devices and use C++).

    In other words, sending a .jar via SMS directly isn't very practical.

    Your best option is to keep the .jar file on a web server on the Internet, and just SMS a link/URL and not the actual Java application.

    Note that if it is not your own .jar file, you need the owner's (copyright holder's) redistribution permissions, too.

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    Re: want to send jar file using SMS

    Thanks petrib.

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