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    Unhappy [moved] Recording VGA video on E71


    I have noticed that on the UK Nokia E71 webpage the max video resolution is shown as 640x480 at 22fps. However, when I record on my phone at the "highest quality" video settings, the video is saved as 320x240 at 15fps. Is there any way to enable the VGA recording mode?

    Also, using Movino I can stream live video recorded by the E71 main camera to my MacBook over bluetooth, which displays (and can be recorded) in 640x480 resolution. Therefore, I assume that the E71 is perfectly capale of recording video in VGA resolution.

    I have also found a couple of code examples on the Nokia Forums pertaining to video capture S60 Platform: Video Example v2.0 and CS001065 - MDFDevVideo Record API

    Could someone help me by modifying & compiling the above code to record at 640x480, 22fps?

    Thanks in anticipation!

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    Re: Recording VGA video on E71

    I'm also interested in making my E71 record videos at 640x480 resolution.
    E75 has 3.2 MP camera and can record videos at 640x480. (see the comparison http://www.symbian-guru.com/welcome/...omparison.html).

    I'm a developer but not a Symbian S60 expert.
    I'll try to help, but anybody is welcome to contribute.


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