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    Creating a WLAN IAP on S60 5th ed. device

    I am trying to run the WLanSampleEx on a 5th edition device (the nokia 5800) - but no luck. When creating the access point, it is created in an "Uncategorised" destination, and RConnection.Start on its IAP returns KErrNotFound (-1). Same code works well on S60 3rd edition phones (MR, FP1 and FP2).

    Has anyone encountered this issue ? any ideas how to solve it ?

    Thanks In Advance,

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    Re: Creating a WLAN IAP on S60 5th ed. device

    Following my last thread.
    The problem is caused by the example using a deprecated class (CApDataHandler) which no longer works on 5th ed. phones, thus the IAP is not created.
    To fix this, I inserted the relevant lines to the following tables in the CommsDb: IAP, Network, LanService, WAPAccessPoint, WapIpBearer, WLanServices.
    For documentation on these table's fields, refer to:


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