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    Nokia APIs -> Where to get them

    We are looking for the Nokia UI .class files.

    We downloaded Nokia Developers Suite for J2ME V1.1 and different emaulators (eg. 3410i, 3610i). We looked for classes.zip file in the and found one classes.zip file per emulator type.

    In the classes.zip file we found standard cldc/midp and nokia classes.

    The issue is that Nokia classes in the different classes.zip files are different i.e. the classes available from Nokia in these zip files do not match. Which of the Nokia classes is available to the application developer.

    We have a technology called jAppVerify which finds which classlibaries an application is using and matches to the devices. For this to work we need to know exact classes available on each device.

    Device specification for different devices show Nokia UI as available on the devices. However the classes in each classes.zip seem to be different.

    Can we discuss this with somebody at Nokia (sanjay@s5systems.com)

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    RE: Nokia APIs -> Where to get them


    In general all Nokia MIDP devices are supporting Nokia UI API. But there are some limitations in some devices.
    Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650 don't support vibrattion and backlight features (DeviceControl class).

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