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Thread: N96, BE WARNED!

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    Thumbs down N96, BE WARNED!

    Ive been a long time customer of nokia phones but recently have been amazed at the drastic reduction of build quality in their handsets. After not using a nokia for about a year i thought i would try one again and go for the flagship model N96 because at the price they were asking for it, it must be put together well, right? wrong.

    Straight out of the box the phone creaked in my hand like a cheap plastic toy and the main navigation keys made a sticky sound from not being stuck down properly. Nokia Care agreed to replace the phone but the replacement i received had similar issues plus the slider was absolutely awful. The slider would shake around whether the phone was slid open or closed. I returned the phone immediately but was told that they were all like that (except for the previous one i had?) and they would not even try to fix it.

    I havent touched the phone since and have gone back to Samsung. I just dont know how Nokia get off charging exorbitant prices for their N series phones and then put them together using parts from xmas crackers. Nokia, Sort it out or keep bleeding market share to your far superior competitors.

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    Re: N96, BE WARNED!

    Wrong forum to complain about such things. Do try http://www.nokia.com/support or http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    -- Lucian

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