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    does any nokia devices support BREW?

    we're looking for the nokia device which supprts BREW.
    none of them support BREW?
    Does nokia have any plan to make BREW-built-in-phone?

    ps. English is not my mother tung, execuse me for some possible mistakes.

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    RE: does any nokia devices support BREW?


    BREW, Basic Binary Runtime Environment, is an application execution platform that runs at the firmware level (CDMA chipset) and specially targets wireless applications that can be downloaded and executed on mobile devices. BREW runtime environment is available free of cost to CDMA device manufacturers. This runtime environment is much like the VM in Java, except that BREW runtime environment is not designed to provide portability from one device to another. BREW is currently available only to CDMA-based wireless devices sporting Qualcomm processors.

    It is thee fact that BREW runtime platform runs at chipset level
    which makes it a bit different if compared to Java. Java is byte code
    which is not so close to the prosessor.

    As said in top, BREW is currently available only to CDMA-based wireless devices sporting Qualcomm processors, and Nokia has its own
    hardware system.

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    BREW and NOKIA

    Just got this link from a friend of mine:


    Esentially, it says that
    Nokia makes a BREW for Verizon
    May 02, 2003 19:02 GMT
    Nokia will enter the Qualcomm garden again by making a mobile phone for Verizon Wireless that will include BREW application download technology. Qualcomm Inc. offers its BREW technology for free to handset makers.
    Any comments?

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    That is porbably a phe with a Bew enabled JVM from either IBM or Insignia?

    Qualcomm doe smention that peole can write/code J2ME apps tha tuse their J2ME brdige but you can test on Brew emulators until IBM or Insignia release a JVm for this purpose..

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