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    Exclamation How delete sms in python s60 ?

    English: please help me, i need delete sms from inbox using python !!
    Español: Por favor necesito borrar un sms de la bandeja de entrada usando python !!


    My english is poorly !!

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    Re: How delete sms in python s60 ?

    Read the PyS60 Library Reference, the section about the inbox module. There you will learn how to use the delete(sms_id) function.

    The Library Reference is a very good source of information. You should always have a look at it when you want to find something And remember, it's alwasy a good idea to search the forum as you may find your question has already been answered somewhere.

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    Re: How delete sms in python s60 ?

    Thanks Bogdan Galiceanu, God bless you !!

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