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    Symbian S60 Sequencer

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to write a metronome for Symbian S60 3th Ed. Is working fine but not totally synchronized. Some beeps get delay.

    I'm using CPeriodic for playing a sound each step and CMdaAudioOutputStream for the output.

    Anyone has try this before and solved the problem?


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    Re: Symbian S60 Sequencer

    Try the CHeartBeat with an implemention of MBeating observer's Beat and Synchronize function, this is more accurate then the CPeriodic, because it provides a function to restore timer accuracy if it gets out of synchronisation with the system clock.



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    Re: Symbian S60 Sequencer

    Thanks Mayank, the problem with CHeartBeat is that only admits fraction of one second, the metronome needs more preccision for example from 50BPM (bits per minute) to 200BPM

    But do you think the problem is with the timers or with the class that plays the audio? I'm using this example for that: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...-channel_audio

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