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    j2me application

    My application is running on emulator finely but not running on nokia5310,Blackberry8310 or HTC mobile phone may i know the reason why its not running on mobile phone.Basically it perfectly get installed on all mobile but when it try to connect(Through Http Connection) to server it failed to connect.n application get stoped.
    Thanks in advace..

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    Re: j2me application

    This post is not a "Feedback on Forum Nokia Services", and you already have a thread with the same topic in the Mobile Java board. Stick with that (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=164543)

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    Re: j2me application

    hi sonia check ur gprs settings !! may be some problem with ur gprs setting ..
    You are Using Static Ip or LocalHost? ?

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