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    Configuring Mail For Exchange

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for a way to configure Mail For Exchange from withon the device. I can read the DDF settings already configured, but am unable to change them. Is it perhaps possible to implement the OMA mechanism locally?



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    Re: Configuring Mail For Exchange

    can you please tell me where the DDF file is located?

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    Re: Configuring Mail For Exchange

    Hi mgargett, I am working with Mail for Exchange OMA DM Adapter too and I can continue because adapter has this issue http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...apters_and_MFE.

    Basically, currently version of adapter doesn't permit modify MFE settings receiving a KErrPermissionDenied. I sent a message about this at Nokia Mail For Exchange website to get more information, but I have not received nothing about this.

    If you or another Forum Nokia member found the solutions I will be very happy.

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