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    where to get data cable for Nokia 7210 and 7650

    I have made a couple of J2ME games, and they work fine on the emulator and Nokia 6310i phone. Now, I would like to test them on the 7210 and 7650 phones. Where can I get the data cables to down load these games from my PC to these phones?

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    RE: where to get data cable for Nokia 7210 and 7650


    There is no data cable for Nokia 7650. Nokia 7210 and other Nokia Series 40 phones use the new Pop-port serial connector. The cable for that, Connectivity Cable DKU-5, should be available at the resellers.

    An alternative is to get an infrared port to your PC if it doesn't have one. An USB to infrared adapter costs approximately GBP 30, EUR/USD 50. Nokia 7650 can use a Bluetooth connection as well, but that's not available on Nokia 7210.


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