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    Smile FrameSize in AudioStream example

    I downloaded and invoked (both on the emulator and on the phone) the AudioStream example.
    My question is: I'm using Nokia 6120 classic, and the playing of the recorded sound is bad.
    Sample rate is 8000Hz.
    I think that the problem is with the frame size (it's defined as 4096).
    How do I know what frame size should be for each sample rate per phone, and what are the supported sample rates (at least in 6120)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: FrameSize in AudioStream example

    Those two are not closely related to each other. What are you experiencing exactly?
    The sample rate comes from an enumeration, feel free to experiment with higher rates.

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    Smile Re: FrameSize in AudioStream example

    I experience segmented sound (i.e., sound, then nothing, then sound, nothing and so on).
    When I changed the frame size to 1600 (I saw a question about 6120 in another forum), the playback sounds well.
    Is there an API to get the right frame size?

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    Re: FrameSize in AudioStream example

    Hi Everbody;

    I have tested the AudioStream Example program on Nokia 6110 and Nokia 5800. The sound is like feed back loop when i play back the record file.Can i know what are the setting or coding that need to change? Or is it device dependance?


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    Re: FrameSize in AudioStream example


    I have tried some sample rates and frame sizes configurations, but I only get good results using 8000Hz and 4096 beans.

    Using smaller frame sizes I experiemt segmented sound as ransh2 said, and higher sample rates trhows a "Feature not supported" error on 5800XM.

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