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    version regular expression

    I have submitted content 2 weeks ago, it is still in pending status. Today I entered to see whether there is any update but I saw the following message:

    Version 1.04(0)
    Invalid metadata: (Change ASAP!)
    * Regular expression rule '^[a-zA-Z0-9\.\,]+$' does not match to '1.04(0)'

    I understand that I need to remove the parentheses. But the application version is 1.04(0) when I look in the application manager's information. Additionally, previously I have submitted a sis file and i wrote that the version is 1.04.2, that content had failed due to the fact that its version should be 1.04(2).

    Maybe this is due to the maintenance that Ovi had lately? Anyway, what should the version be?


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    Re: version regular expression

    Hello Dudi,

    I believe after posting here you submitted a query to our intake system and since then we have figured out the issue affecting your file.


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