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    Unhappy Memory card corrupt after software update

    i desperately need a solution as my mmc says its corrupt after the software update i had done on my very new nokia e66.

    it asks to format the mmc & when i try it says its being used by another application.
    when i try putting it in a card reader or another phone it cannot be read.

    also it says the mmc is encrypted and the current key doesn't match. when i try to import the key its again wrong.

    will i have to buy me a new mmc? can this mmc be encrypted at all? can i get all my data back??? please help me!!

    Very Sad Person!!
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    Re: Memory card corrupt after software update

    Please ask this question on the product discussion board. http://www.nokia.com/discussions/ Forum Nokia is for developers support and you will get a better answer on the product discussion forum


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