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    Question String search and replace

    I have been making a method for finding a string in HBufC8 and replacing it with a new one.

    void StringReplaceL(HBufC8& aText, 
    const TDesC8& aSearchString, 
    const TDesC8& aReplaceWith)
        TInt searchLength = aSearchString.Length();
        TInt replaceLength = aReplaceWith.Length();
        TPtr8 textPtr = aText.Des();
        TInt pos = 0;
        pos = 0;
        while(pos != KErrNotFound)
            pos = textPtr.Find( aSearchString );
            if(pos != KErrNotFound)
                //Expand the buffer to hold the new data    
                aText.ReAlloc(aText.Length() - searchLength  +  replaceLength);
                textPtr = aText.Des();
                textPtr.Replace(pos, searchLength, aReplaceWith);
    I'd like to get some feedback on possible problems with this code.

    a) It seems that the textPtr.Replace() sometimes causes buffer overflow.

    b) Calling ReAlloc() on all search results doesn't seem like a proper way to do it. I wasn't able to make a loop that would just count the results, as calling
    aText.Mid(pos).Find(aSearchString )
    Always returned me KErrNotFound, even with pos = 0;

    c) Is
    textPtr = aText.Des();
    Necessary after ReAlloc()?

    d) Is there ready example on how to do this efficiently?
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