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    Talking problem in retreive inbox meaasge

    Hi All,

    I am new to symbian ...
    I am doing sms porject.....
    I am able to send message by entering phone number manually.....
    now i want to receive message (read inbox message..)
    I copied the smshandler code and the link is listed below


    i copied the readinbox and writetofile function in smshandler.cpp
    and i changed smshandler.h file to.
    and I calling that function like below...

    void CSMS_Msg::ShowMessage()

    in DOACTIVATE function i called show message..


    i am able to compile and run the code ..
    but its not retriveing message ..
    what to do please help me regarding this....

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    Re: problem in retreive inbox meaasge

    Do put some logs and try finding out if it Exits from some where ? Also Activate the Extended panic code .

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