Where can I obtain the "symbian connect" PC application?

I can find lots of documents and web pages that reference this tool.
Just to gives a copuple of examples
C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Series60Doc\DevLib.chm with the 6.0 SDK do a search on "symbian connect" to find references to this tool.

The web page http://my-symbian.info/9210/review.php shows some screen shots of this application.

http://www.symbian.com/developer/downloads/qv6pcisdk.html lists I need "A copy of Symbian Connect for testing purposes"

Has Nokia decided to rename the "Symbian Connect" software to be "PC-Suite" ?
If so, what features of "symbian connect" were dropped for "Pc-Suite" ?
What features were added?

Is the "Symbian connect" a new version of "Epoc connect"?

http://www.gsmmobile.co.nz/Glossary_R_Z.htm gives a brief description of what "SymbianConnect" is.

Chapter 27 of "Professional Symbian Programming" describes EPOC connect. The description of this tool appears to be very similar to the "Symbian Connect."
I've tried to use "Epoc Connect" with the 3650, but it fails to communicate.
Are the two incompatible?