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Thread: My new N79

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    Smile My new N79

    Hi all. I bought the N79. My first phone is the Rokr E6 and as I am accustomed to its touchscreen usability, I am feeling pretty hard to adjust to my N79.

    I hafta consider myself now as a Nokia n00b now
    I would be requiring a lot of help from you guys. First things first.

    1. I installed the Nokia OVI Suite on my system from the DVD. Is this different from Nokia PC Suite and if so, which one is better?

    2. How do I import contacts from my E6 to N79? What sort of file does the N79 need so that it can do the import?

    3. Please explain about the Automatic backup feature and how do I restore if something goes wrong.

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    Re: My new N79

    Welcome to the DiBo.

    I would say the right place for the post should be this or maybe this


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    Re: My new N79

    Mayank, the region-wise end-user discussion sites "are" a bit tricky: there is only one of them. If you visit http://discussions.europe.nokia.com, http://discussions.nokia-asia.com, http://discussions.mea.nokia.com or http://discussions.nokiausa.com, you will see the very same site. And when you visit http://www.nokia.com/discussions, you also get to the only global site, just have to select a location first.
    It may still happen that there are country-specific sites in local languages, I have not checked.

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