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    how to detect the bluetooth info of my phone?

    test on S60 3rd
    I want to get the bluetooth info of my phone
    is there any connections of my bluetooth?

    and i want to get a notification if there is a new connection established

    i have used the method of CBluetoothPhysicalLinks::Enumerate()
    but failed
    RSocketServ isocketServ;
    BluetoothNotifer iBluetoothNotifer;

    CBluetoothPhysicalLinks *iBluetoothPhysicalLinks
    RBTDevAddrArray iArray;
    int count=iBluetoothPhysicalLinks->Enumerate(iArray,10);

    the count always be 0 whether i established a connection for my bluetooth
    tell me where is wrong,or tell me the rigth method

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: how to detect the bluetooth info of my phone?

    do not create the more thread for same question

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